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From this point on, we jump to one year later, after these events.

If you were in a log and wish to continue, please do so, or you may start a new log taking up things in the new Lucerne Ridge One Year Hence! 

Please be sure to read the current situation on the profile!


[There's a loud rustling sound as Gokudera sorts through the bag he's appeared with and draws out his map.]

Lucerne...? It's not even Japan!

[He gives a loud, frustrated groan before stuffing the paper back into the bag. The broadcast goes silent as he seems to have paused]

Hm? [He inspects the radio. It's clearly on, but for some reason, he can't hear anything coming out]

Tch! Piece of junk! [The feed cuts off abruptly.]


[The audio feed turns on, yet there's a long moment of near-silence where only the faint sound of a passing breeze can be heard. Then a calm, even voice breaks through.]

I'm hoping this works.

[There's another brief pause as Conrart turns the strange device over in his hands, wondering if it was really meant for the transmission of messages. Deciding he doesn't have time to waste, he continues.]

I found this device in a bag by a bench. It's a bit strange, so I was wondering if someone might be able to fill me in on-

[He cuts his sentence short, falling silent immediately as he hears a metallic clatter in the distance. There's a soft chink answer as he grips the sword in his right hand more tightly, listening for any other sounds.]

[Action] - Lucerne Mall

[Crossing his arms, Dino stares at the selection of mugs and cups set out on display in the store at the mall. He rubs the back of his neck as he looks at the various designs and shapes. Really, he just needed something that would function properly.

The first mug he had, he broke within two days of using it. The second cup he had bought was made out of plastic, but that meant it really didn't stand up well to warm temperatures of coffee or tea. And at this point, he really couldn't decide which was the better investment.

Shaking his head at himself, he drops his hands and shoves them in his jacket pockets. Leaning back slightly, he looks over the array of cups and mugs again.

Investment, huh?


Happy Valentine's Day!!

[Souji is staring at the camera with a big happy smile.]

I have lots of candy and cake for anyone who wants to come to my apartment for a Valentine's party! Bring as many people as you like. I live in the Forseti apartments in room 402~

[[OOC: He looks really happy but really he is a lonely derp with no one to spend valentines day with. (Also in case anyone is wondering how the heck he knows what Valentine's day is, he asked one of the vendors from last week.)]]


[Guess who's been sitting here, rather amused with the fact that he's not the only one who turned into Ciel right now? None other than Alois himself. When the video flickers on, it looks like Ciel, but the eyepatch is off and he's dressed in a dress shirt and yes.. his regular short shorts.

In Ciel's body. Also while wearing a rather bright, giddy smile which probably looks rather out of place considering who he is right now]

Now this is so exciting~!


So much better than that stupid thing that happened in October!

I really could get used to this~


[Hakkai Ciel is looking at the screen with a nice smile. It's Hakkai actually, and he is trying to stay calm about his new appearance, but deep down he is really perplexed by the distortion yet again.]

Ciel, I believe I am in quite a situation today.

[He lifts his hand to adjust his monocle forgetting it has been replaced with an eyepatch.]

I am assuming I am not the only one who's changed?

[He is more curious about the distortion than anything. And he has spent the last few days under a rock reading books and taking care of Chico.]


[Here's "Gil", who is really Oz -- and he has his hat on his head, looking very pleased with himself.]

You know, this body-switching thing isn't so bad~. I wonder how long it'll last?

[He pats around the pockets, and...oh, hello, he found Gil's cigarettes. He takes them out of his pockets and looks at them, a thoughtful look crossing his face.

...Gil would probably get mad, though. But it is in Gil's body, not his. Though, if he didn't smoke while he was in Gil's body, then did that mean when his friend came back, he wouldn't feel the need to smoke?

Yeah, he's confused now.

Remembering that he turned the feed on, his eyes flicker back to camera. He quickly displays an innocent grin and a wave, before turning the video off.


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